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Macadam Floor and Design is your trusted store for green floors in Portland.  We make it simple and fun to target the right environmentally friendly flooring for your lifestyle, aesthetic and budget!

Types of Green Carpet

When looking for sustainable carpet, consider content and performance. Read on, then speak with one of our Portland flooring experts to learn more about how one of these eco-friendly carpet options can fit your project.
Eco-Friendly Carpet
We offer PET carpet made from recycled plastic bottles that can be downcycled into other products.  This carpet is made from up to 100% recycled content using an innovative process, making it a very sustainable carpet.  Starting by strengthening the highest-grade polymer and removing dirt-attracting residue with a multi-step purification system brings you, the consumer, a durable, long-lasting carpet! We also carry Nylon fiber carpet that contains recycled content and has been designed to be recycled at the end of the carpet’s life and made into a variety of useful products including new Nylon carpet!
Wool Carpet

Besides being a renewable resource, wool carpet helps regulate room acoustics, temperature and humidity. Wool has the unique capability of absorbing and releasing moisture and heat, thereby moderating environmental changes and making a more comfortable atmosphere.

Fibrous textiles, such as carpet, are more efficient than hard surfaces at dissipating noise, and some studies have shown that wool may have some advantages over nylon especially in the area of low frequency noise.

Wool carpet is naturally flame resistant and therefore is free of toxic chemical flame retardants that can cause neurological damage, hormonal imbalance and headaches.

Wool carpet is an efficient absorber of potentially harmful indoor air pollutants and has been estimated to have the ability to continue purifying indoor air for up to 30 years!

In addition to all these benefits, wool has more crush resistance than any other fiber, meaning the fibers recover from crushing better than other carpet fibers.

Take the next step and discuss your carpet project with a flooring expert at our Portland showroom to make an informed decision you’ll be happy with for years to come! For best results, consider your lifestyle, performance expectations and how your new carpet will relate to adjacent flooring, furnishings and wall colors. Be sure to bring a picture of your space along to your appointment!

Your project manager will help you determine additional options such as baseboards to complete your new eco-friendly carpet installation.

You can trust Macadam!

Here at Macadam Floor and Design we have been providing flooring, countertops, tile and window coverings to the Portland Metro area for over 35 years.  We are continually improving our showroom offerings, industry knowledge and professionalism to provide excellent service and value for our customers.  Whether working with our Portland Retail and Builder Showroom or our Vancouver Builder Design Center, you will be paired with a project manager or designer to help you navigate your options with confidence.

Work with our experts to be sure you purchase eco-friendly carpet that is right for your project at the best value in Portland—we coordinate installation too!

Our Brands Include:

Eco-Friendly Carpet
  • Mohawk
  • Shaw
Wool Carpet
  • Fabrica
  • Godfrey Hirst
  • Masland

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