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Macadam Floor and Design is your trusted store for natural stone slab countertops in Portland.  We make it simple and fun to target the right product for your lifestyle, aesthetic and budget! As an industry leader in the Portland Metro area, we’ve been able to negotiate fantastic programs on the industry’s top-selling products with our preferred slab fabricators and pass the savings on to you.

Select Natural Stone Slab the Easy Way!

1. Each natural stone slab is a unique piece of art you can enjoy while going about your daily tasks— brewing your morning coffee, preparing a meal or even while brushing your teeth. Since each household has different needs and each piece of natural art will function differently, first let’s review some basic types of natural stone and their characteristics. Then come on in and we will help you find just the right natural stone slabs for your new countertops, fireplace, tub surround, shower and backsplashes!

For areas that have contact with hands, liquids, food, etc., every natural stone needs to be resealed about once per year, sometimes more often in wet areas. You’ll know it’s time to seal the stone if liquids are soaking in rather than beading on the surface. One of our Portland showroom natural stone experts would be happy to help you understand more clearly what to expect from natural stone in your application. Be aware that if the stone you choose has veining or variation it will show seams more readily than stones with only slight color variance. Also, if you select the same stone in both slab and tile format the two will not match since they will be from different batches and perhaps even different quarries.

Natural Stone Slabs for Countertops:

Granite’s claim to fame is durability— which is why it is widely used in commercial applications for flooring and even exterior walls. Granite is highly scratch-, stain- and heat- resistant. The variance in granite has a wide range depending on the stone. Some granite is fairly predictable from lot to lot, while other granite varies greatly even within the same slab! When selecting granite with movement or variation, we recommend you view the full slab before finalizing a selection for your countertops. In some cases, you may even be able to hand-select the slabs that are used on your project.

Limestone makes it easy to incorporate a connection to nature in your home with neutral earthy colors ranging from cream, gold, gray and green to brown. Many limestone varieties also provide opportunity for discovery… look closely at the granular texture and you may find fossils and shells imbedded in your stone! The most common finish for limestone slab is honed. Some specialty limestone slabs are available textured or polished. Limestone will etch when exposed to acid and is therefore not recommended for kitchen countertops.

From the striking black and white visual of Nero Marquina to classic white and gray Carrara, marble has unique beauty and strength that has been used extensively for sculptures and building material for thousands of years. Whether polished or honed, marble is more susceptible to acids than some other stones and will patina over time. For kitchen countertops, a honed white marble with a lower absorption rating can help reduce the appearance of etching. Where etching is a concern, quartzite or granite are appropriate alternatives to marble.

Travertine has been used for centuries around the world and can range in color from creamy, tan, or gray all the way to rusty brown. Due to its formation, travertine is quite porous and has naturally occurring depressions. Travertine can be sold either “filled” or “unfilled”. Whether filled at the factory or by the fabricator, these depressions, or holes, may need to be refilled over time. Travertine is widely available in a honed finish and sometimes antiqued or polished. Travertine is part of the limestone family and has a high absorption rating, low abrasion resistance and is sensitive to acids. Therefore, we do not recommend travertine for kitchen countertops.

Quartzite Quartzite countertops are gaining popularity as homeowners become more familiar with the visual and performance characteristics of this remarkable stone. Quartzite has the appearance of marble with superior durability and no acid sensitivity. The natural variation and veining of quartzite call for hands-on selection of your unique slab. Quartzite slab is available in soft creams, grays, blues, browns, blacks, some touches of green and even red.

2. Now that you are familiar with characteristics of these natural stones, the next step is to discuss your project with a countertops expert at our Portland showroom to make an informed slab decision you’ll be happy with for years to come! For best results, consider your lifestyle, performance expectations and how your new natural stone slab countertops will relate to your cabinets, flooring and wall colors. Be sure to bring a picture of your space along to your appointment!

3. Last, your project manager will help you determine additional options such as edge treatments and backsplash tile to complete your new slab countertops installation.

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Here at Macadam Floor and Design we have been providing flooring, countertops, tile and window coverings to the Portland Metro area for over 35 years.  We are continually improving our showroom offerings, industry knowledge and professionalism to provide excellent service and value for our customers.  Whether working with our Portland Retail and Builder Showroom or our Vancouver Builder Design Center, you will be paired with a project manager or designer to help you navigate your options with confidence.

Work with our experts to be sure you purchase natural stone slab that is right for your project at the best value in Portland—we coordinate installation too!

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