New Carpet Preparation in Portland OR | Macadam Floor and Design

Installing new carpet in a home is a smart, functional way to add value and comfort. These tips will help make the installation as quick and easy as possible.

Textured carpet

1. Out With the Old

When initially purchasing the new carpet, the homeowner must determine whether the supplier will be removing the old flooring, or if it’s his or her responsibility. If the homeowner is responsible for removal, it must be done before the installation crew arrives. Old carpet can be recycled at many local facilities.

2. Move the Furniture

All furniture and items must be removed from the areas that will be carpeted. Some companies will move the furniture for the homeowner, but often an additional charge is involved. Storage pieces like desks and dressers should have empty drawers before they are moved. If the homeowner is moving the furniture, it’s always smarter and safer to enlist help for heavy pieces.

3. Disconnect all Plugs

All electronics need to be unplugged and moved from the areas that will be carpeted. For complicated setups like computers and entertainment systems, it’s a good idea to snap a few photos and label cords, so that getting everything up and running is easier once the carpet is installed.

4. Double Check the Design

Before the installation crew begins, homeowners should make sure everyone is on the same page regarding design. He or she should do a walk-through and confirm which style carpet goes where. If any carpet is patterned, determine the direction the pattern should go before installation starts.

5. Know the Clean Up Plan

New flooring installation always has waste involved. There are usually remnants and various leftover pieces. The installation crew will dispose of any debris. Before the job is complete, homeowners should let the team know if they want to keep the scraps. The scraps can prove useful, so it’s a good idea to hang on to them. Once the installation team leaves, the homeowner should clean and vacuum the new carpet.

Following these five tips will ensure carpet installation goes smoothly, and homeowners get to enjoy their new carpet as soon as possible!