Maintenance Tips For Your New Laminate Floor

Lam Floor Maintenance 0

Laminate Floors are more and more becoming a popular flooring option for consumers today.  Available in wood and tile patterns, laminate floors are a cost effective alternative to traditional hardwood and tile floors.  They are very durable, relatively easy to maintain and is a viable option for most areas in your home.  In order to maintain the beauty of your laminate floor, it is essential to know the proper way to maintain your new floor.

It is important to keep your laminate floor clean and free from debris. Failure to do so could lead to scratching and scuffing do to the abrasiveness of excess dirt on your floor.  The best way to do this is with either a broom or a vacuum.  It is best to sweep or vacuum your laminate floor regularly, preferably at least once a week.  This will help ensure that dirt and rocks that are brought in from outside won’t cause damage to your new floor.  Without regular sweeping and vacuuming your floors finish may become dull, making your floor look worn out.

Just like with traditional hardwood floors, it’s important to not use excess water when cleaning your laminate floor.  Water can seep into the joints and cause swelling, resulting in damage to your floor.  There are numerous laminate floor cleaners available on the market today. One thing to note is to check your warranty paperwork on your floor to make sure that any product you intend to use will not void your warranty.  Some laminate floor manufactures make their own cleaner and require you to use it regularly to keep your warranty intact.  When cleaning your laminate floor use a spray bottle to spray a light mist of water or an approved cleaner over your floor and promptly wipe it up using a dry mop such as a Swifter.  This will help remove stains and or debris you weren’t able to get while sweeping or vacuuming.  You never want to mop your floor like you would vinyl or tile floor because the excess water could very easily damage your floor.  Even water from your pets water bowl can damage your laminate floor.  It’s best to have their water bowl in another part of the house or at least put some type of barrier between the bowl and your floor.

Ideally, it is best not to wear shoes over your floor.  While laminate floors are inherently scratch resistant, a rock stuck in your shoe could easily scratch your new floor. Dragging furniture across your laminate floor can also cause scratching so it is always recommended that your put felt tabs to the bottoms of chair and table legs that are used on your floor.  These felt tabs are readily available at most hardware stores and will help prevent scratches in your laminate floor when scooting in and out from the table.

While laminate floors are extremely durable, they are not bomb proof.  Without proper maintenance they are susceptible to damage.  Having a proper maintenance schedule will help maintain the beauty of your laminate floor for years to come.