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Kathy is terrible, and her unwillingness to do her job and assist customers in obtaining vital medications overshadows the excellence of other staff. I’ve been a pharmacy customer for the last three years and have recently experienced several disappointing encounters with Kathy. Last month she refused to sell my husband’s Modafinil, claiming it is a controlled pain medication. She made him wait and come back the next day. I called to follow up on the matter, and no one could tell me why Kathy had refused. Insurance was valid, no other meds to cause poor interaction. Today Kathy refused to fill my prescriptions unless I came to the store in person to provide my new insurance card. She would not accept it over the phone or online. I am a busy professional and need convenience and not to be denied important medications by a pharmacist on a power trip. As of today, CVS pharmacy has two new customers.

Brooklyn Pharmacy
Address: 3131 SE Milwaukie Ave, Portland, OR 97202, United States
Phone: (503) 234-3488

WOW! I have a new prescription that I was starting, the pharmacist, “Melissa,” discovered that it was going to conflict with the current Modafinil pills I was on. She called my doctor’s office right then and there! He changed my prescription so that it was compatible with my current medicines! I’ve ever talked to everyone at the Brooklyn Pharmacy has been fantastic! Pharmacist Melissa exceeded my expectations! Thank you, Melissa and the staff!

This is the worst place to get a prescription. Hunter and Damian are horrible. They are rude and out of line. They treat their customers horribly. They should not be allowed to work in this place. They do not take proper notation from doctors and mess up prescriptions and think they are in charge of what the Doctors are prescribing, and the last time I checked, they do not have MDs after their names, so they need to get off their high horses. Also, the customer service is not the best. They never answer the phones and don’t follow directions at all. This is a bunch of incompetent people. I only gave them a star because I had to. They sure do not deserve one.

Lloyd Central Compounding Pharmacy
Address: 2606 NE Broadway suite b, Portland, OR 97232, United States
Phone: (503) 281-4161

The Pharmacy was great! The front male African American cashier, I had purchased Modafinil, but I did not have the Lloyd Central Compounding Pharmacy card, for a discount, so I ask him politely if he had one at the register, which many times, they have them at the register, but with the poor customer service, he said: “Go online and get one”, I said; is like that how you get one, okay,” He came out and said; “YES, Is like that” I said thank you and left the store. I believe he was a stock clerk and they called him to the front to work the register. So he was at the register with an Attitude. Is management going to hire poor judgemental, customer service, you will lose customers. I bet if it was a female, he would give her the card!

Once again, Lloyd Central Compounding Pharmacy has proven its unwillingness as a company to do anything above the bare minimum to ensure customer satisfaction. Even though I have vowed not to spend another penny at a Lloyd Central Compounding Pharmacy location, I scheduled my two children to have COVID vaccines at the Ladson location. The online scheduling tool only allowed me to make each one a separate appointment an hour apart. I explained this to the pharmacist when we arrived at my first child’s appointment time. Even though not a single other appointment arrived between my two children’s appointments, there were multiple associates working and hardly any customers at the pharmacy. We were made to wait the hour to get my second child his vaccine. Yes, it was his appointment time, but I have a tough time believing they couldn’t have at least tried to make us wait a bit shorter, especially since they allow walk-in appointments. To top things off, the pharmacist was extremely rude. Thumbs down and a zero star rating (had to click at least one). At least CVS is consistent.

Safeway Pharmacy
Address: 1030 SW Jefferson St, Portland, OR 97201, United States
Phone: (503) 205-1860

Dara, whos the manager of this Safeway Pharmacy, is the stupendously awesome, tremendously customer-friendly manager I’ve ever come across. I would recommend that management promote her to the next level and credit her for all her hard work, commitment, and sincerity towards her job. Appreciate all her help.

My doctor sent in for a nine-day medicine course, so I called in the prescription ahead of time. When the time came to pick me up, the attendant said she would only provide six of the nine days for more than double the original price. After a long minute convincing this woman to give me the discount for Modafinil, I still only received two 200 mg pills. She then told me I could pick up the rest of my medicine at a later date. Not only did she try her hardest to overcharge me, I now have to return just to keep taking my medicine. After years of using this pharmacy, this exchange completely changed my perspective. I have no idea why a pharmacist would assume authority over my doctor about what is best for my body.

Avita Pharmacy 1027
Address: 2236 SE Belmont St Suite A, Portland, OR 97214, United States
Phone: (503) 379-0370

I absolutely love this Avita Pharmacy 1027! Each and every staff member is courteous, professional, and always going out of their way to help every time. My family and I come from Staten Island to get my medications from them every month. I have been with them for years and wouldn’t trade them with any other pharmacy!

I’ve had some good experiences here, but I’ve also had many frustrating ones as well. The store itself is fine, and the cashiers up front are friendly. The pharmacy was great when I first started going but has become very difficult to deal with lately. My prescriptions for Modafinil are never filled on time. Most of the time, I either have to go there or call and ask them to fill prescriptions that were sent over many days prior. Most of the pharmacist staff is decent, but a few are not polite and inappropriate when dealing with customers. I’ve been thinking about trying to find somewhere else to go for my prescription needs due to all the complications I’ve encountered.

Buy Modafinil (Provigil) Online
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