Vinyl Flooring in Portland

Macadam Floor and Design

At Macadam Floor and Design, we know that our customers want the best look for their floors without sacrificing durability. We offer an extensive variety of flooring choices, and vinyl flooring is a great option for both our residential and commercial customers.

Benefits of Vinyl Flooring


With a low cost-per-square-foot, vinyl is a great option for large commercial spaces or homeowners on a budget. Thanks to Macadam’s expert design team, it won’t look inexpensive!


This makes vinyl perfect for areas that may often get wet such as bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms.


Cleaning is as simple as sweeping and mopping. Occasionally, cleaning with a vinyl-approved cleaner may be necessary.


Vinyl flooring can last from ten to twenty years! It’s scratch-resistant and stain-resistant. It’s ideal for families, and it’s suitable for living rooms. For extra durability, look for a fiberglass-reinforced option.


Vinyl is perfect for people with back or knee pain, or in commercial settings where employees may have to stand for extended periods of time. Because it’s a softer surface than tile or wood. Some vinyl options even offer extra cushioning.

Fits Any Style

Macadam offers a huge selection of sheet vinyl products, which makes your options for customization nearly endless. Whether you want a traditional vinyl look or you want to replicate stone or hardwood, we can help you create the design you want.

Why Choose Macadam

At Macadam Floor and Design, we’ve been in business for over 30 years. We’ve built our business on offering “a tradition of excellence” to our community. We take pride in making sure our customers have a great experience from start to finish, and we have the very highest standards for our work. In 2016, Houzz ranked Macadam “Best Of” in their service category.

Our employees are knowledgeable and provide excellent service. Our design team will help you create the perfect look for your space, no matter your budget. When it comes to installation, we know how important it is that you trust the people you let into your home. Our independent contractors are the most trustworthy, quality people in the industry, with a long history of working with us.

Call or visit Macadam Floor and Design today, and let us help you find the perfect vinyl flooring for your home or office!

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